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Meet Nichole: Focused on Success

Nichole is a Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) School Board candidate.

Dedicated to academic excellence, ensuring financial transparency,
and valuing parent engagement.

Nichole Klootwyk candidate for PVUSD School Board
My Journey

About Nichole

The Highlights:

– Mom of three boys. All attended PVUSD schools, one is still in high school.
– Dedicated wife of 23 years.
– Volunteered extensively at PVUSD (room mom, Junior Achievement teacher, district committee member, PTO Vice President, and more).
– Regular school board attendee.
– Started her career as a CPA at KPMG and went on to work for The Dial Corporation.
– Believes school boards need to focus on academic excellence.

My Focus

Unleashing Potential:
Academic Excellence is the Foundation

A student from PVUSD school doing homework.

Academics First

Education is the top priority. Focus on math, reading, writing, science, history, and civics.

PVUSD schools core objective is to provide an education so that when students graduate, they are proficient in the basics. It is our schools’ primary responsibility to students and our community.

Financial Transparency

Budget oversight. Finances need to be directed to support students and teachers to maximize learning.

PVUSD’s financial situation should be easy for the public to understand. So that the public knows what the resources, spending, and any challenges are within the district.

Piggy bank showing PVUSD schools financial transparency.
Mom and student walking into a school like PVUSD.

Parent Engagement

Keep parents informed. Engage the family.

Parents are children’s first teachers. Student academic, social, and emotional success is closely linked to their parents remaining connected. As a result, PVUSD should encourage parental involvement.

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Help elect Nichole Klootwyk to Paradise Valley School Board

Donations can also be mailed to: Nichole for PVUSD, PO Box 31862, Phoenix, AZ 85046

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